Why Unibrake?

With the ever increasing demands imposed by European law on towing systems, it is vital, today’s buyer is very discerning in the choice of system, which employs, the latest technology to meet and satisfy the law in full. So why is Unibrake such a system?

• Unibrake employs the car’s own power assisted servo braking system whilst under tow.

• 100% of the car’s braking efficiency is achieved. As if you are driving the car yourself. This means that the car is braking as it was intended to brake. The outfit can also be reversed whilst under tow.

• Minimum force is used to apply the brakes, and the brake pedal has the full travel distance.

• Full proportional braking can only be achieved in this way. Unlike non servo systems, where the brake pedal is pressing against the floor, where it is like braking against a brick wall.

• Through the use of the adjuster dial unit in the Motorhome cab, you can vary the down force applied on the brake pedal in the car. (This adjustment is set only once to suit the car).

• The adjuster control unit also employs a decelerator sensor, which determines the distance the brake pedal travels in the towed vehicle.

• With the above functions you can achieve perfect proportional braking, the result being, that, the car and Motorhome are braking in unison and behaving as one unit.

• The driver of the Motorhome will not feel the car being towed behind. As commented by all our users.

• Unibrake employs a unique breakaway safety system to comply with the current law, which requires the vehicle to be stopped from being jettisoned.

• Through the pull out ring, the vacuum assisted power brakes are automatically activated on all four wheels to stop the vehicle safely. Unlike most other systems where the hand brake cable is used, which is only 30% efficient acting on the back wheels, and does not meet the requirements of the current law.

• Even though the car becomes severed from the Motorhome electrically, the brake lights on the car are automatically activated to warn following traffic.

• LED lights travel along a horizontal bar on the control unit in the Motorhome indicating correct operation, if anything is wrong an alarm will sound in the control unit to notify you.

• The weight of the A Frame is 9.1Kg, and can be folded and stowed away in its own holdall in the boot.

• Attaching and detaching the A Frame system takes literally 4 minutes respectively. The system can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

Unibrake is fully compliant with the law, and employs the latest technology to give the user full adjustment, control, feedback whilst towing, and above all safety. There is nothing more that can be required from a towing system.