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Throughout, 3 main messages and themes stand out as being in common with all the emails.

These are as follows:

1. Complete satisfaction and delight from all the customers regarding the professional service they have received from us.

2. High praise regarding the Unibrake Towing System. In particular, it’s perfectly balanced proportional braking between the car and motorhome. Our customers go on to state that they don’t even notice a car is being towed behind.

3. Appreciation, regarding the ease of use of the system, especially in the fact, that it can be engaged and disengaged in a matter of a few minutes, and stowed away in a holdall to be placed in the boot of the car!


Tim Blarney – Devon

  • Dear Brian, We have recently returned from a wonderful 2500 mile touring holiday to the south of France. We towed our Toyota 1Q behind our Burstner motorhome for the first time with the newly fitted Unibrake A-frame. The outfit had a really good test, travelling on motorways, small D roads and mountain passes in the Pyranees, all accomplished with great ease. You said “that I would not feel the car behind me as the brakes are balanced with those of the motorhome”, how right you were! With the car using its own servo gives great confidence, and the hitch up is simplicity itself.Many thanks for making this possible and for the quick and efficient installation.Kind regards,Tim Blarney.

Martin Morley – Somerset

  • Dear Brian, Many thanks to you and your staff at AMC for a brilliant towing system. Since the fitting in Feb 2014 we have towed our Agila over 4600 miles including a trip to the Med. and down some seriously steep long mountains roads and on no descent was I aware of our tow car!The ability of being able to adjust the braking force so both vehicles are in complete harmony is a great benefit, and one of the reasons I chose Unibrake over your competitors.Only one problem , from bag to fitting and ready to go 4-5 minutes, checking that we have not forgotten anything as it seems too quick another 2-3 minutes. One thing that helps is putting a thin coat of vaseline on the pins each time we use the system.Thank you for your Christmas Card, I would be happy to recommend Unibrake to any future customers.Kind regardsMartin Morley

Matt Lock – Kent

  • Hi Brian, Just a short email to say how pleased I am with the Unibrake system your team fitted to my Motorhome and Smart Car. I researched the market extensively, and apart from your product, in my opinion being of superior quality to others I have seen, the professionalism and ability shown by everyone I came into contact with at AMC where you have your systems fitted was the icing on the cake.When I made my initial call and spoke with you, I came away happy that the company, and yourself as the MD were people who would prove to be comfortable and professional to do business with, something which I expect is uppermost in most peoples minds.This indeed proved to be the case. I delivered both vehicles over a two day period so got to know everyone pretty well, something which was also encouraged. My Motorhome is on an 04 plate, and when there was a slight problem with my electrics on one side, AMC sorted these two as they insisted that as a customer I left with everything as should be.I am fortunate to have a camera on the back of the Motorhome, as without it 1 would have forgotten the car was there because the proportional braking provided by your system is so good you cannot feel anything untoward. Thanks once again, and if you have a future customer who would like to email me to ask a few questions, please feel free to pass on my email address. Always glad to help like minded people.Thanks again,Matt

Allen & Janey Davis – Norfolk

  • To Brian, Alex and TeamJust a few words to say how satisfied we are with the towing system, so easy to hitch and unhitch. Once on the road it’s easy to forget you’re towing a car. The 2 vehicles run so smoothly together. We would recommend your system to anyone who asks. With thanks to you all.Allen & Janey Davis.

Ellen S Hill – Notts

  • Dear Brian, A quick thank you note for the service and support your team gave to Michael and myself during the fitting of our tow car. We have found the level of professionalism and standard of work second to none. The product does all that you said and we are very happy with the ease we have found using it. We would also like to thank you for the additional spit pins you supplied we wish you well and will recommend your service to our friends.RegardsEllen S Hill

Roger & Jan Harrington – Surrey

  • I would like to start by saying that your system was well worth the investment. It is well constructed and very easy to install and remove. I have used the system many timed this year and I can honestly say if it was not for my reversing camera I would not know I was towing a car. I have no hesitation in recommending your system to anyone who wanted a sound and safe towing system for their Motorhome.Finally I would like you to pass on my thanks and best wishes to John and the team at A.M.C. for giving us total satisfaction and enjoyment that we have for many a journey.RegardsRoger & Jan Harrington


R.D. Cummings – Somerset

  • Dear Brian, Just a line to thank you most sincerely for the work done on my Smart car on the1st December.Having seen so many clumsy-looking A-frame systems on motorhomes during my travels but not having had the opportunity of seeing a Unibrake installation prior to my order, I didn’t know quite what to expect. However, being able to speak with you at length about your system, I was convinced that what you had to offer was the best available on the market.I have to admit that the end result, including the the fitting, the equipment and detailed instructions given before departure, could not be faulted. Your fitters could not have been more helpful. They thankfully even warned me that due to the nature of Smart car wheel geometry, they have a tendency to lock-out the front wheels if a deep pothole is encountered and I did indeed have such an experience within minutes just after leaving your workshop and turning left onto the main road. Otherwise, towing was absolutely no problem other than I soon learnt also that reversing a towed Smart results in the same lock-out.I have now towed the car quite a number of miles without problems and everything works exactly as you described It is particularly satisfying to be able observe the braking action of the car by way of the dashboard monitor. That, coupled with my rear-view mirror, gives me complete confidence in the system as otherwise I honestly wouldn’t know the ear was there.I am absolutely sure that I will get many Motor-homers wanting to ask about my Unibrake whilst on sites and you can rest assured that I will fully endorse the product and the service you provide.Sadly, I didn’t get to meet and thank you in person, so please accept this letter as thanks to you and your kind staff for a job well done and my wife and I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Colin Barker – Yorks

  • Good afternoon Brian, sorry for delay in contacting you after having my tow system fitted by your outstanding fitting centre, nothing was too much trouble for them during the installation and they did an first rate job, we towed the car back to Yorkshire with complete confidence and no problems at all. I will be happy to speak to prospective customers in my area and let them look at my conversion if they wish.Once again thanks for a great jobColin Barker

Sheila Minnigin – Hants

  • I would like to thank all who undertook the fitting of Unibrake. The service was excellent I now wonder how I managed without the Cl.If I did not have the reversing camera I would not know I was towing. “It does what it said in the literature”Thank you again for excellent help and service.Sheila Minnigin

Alan J Kennedy – Manchester

  • Hi Brian, Have used the Unibrake extensively now since fitting an I must say its brilliant, easy to use and remove, light weight just a dream even reversed in a straight line need more practice on corners. But all in all its a fantastic system can’t praise it enough, and the fitting guys were brilliant!Thank You.Alan

John, Salley & Gareth Gilbert – Bridgend

  • Hello Brian, One of the best decisions I have ever made!That was the day that I located your web page for the Unibrake ‘A’ frameThe interest that you all showed in the fact that our son is disabled, who always looks forward to the trips away to the Caravan Club, was exemplary. I gather from the various conversations that followed the installation was not easy, but nevertheless AMC were determined not to beaten.This has resulted in an immaculate installation with only the electric socket, breakaway cable and the two eye covers being the parts that we can see, in fact it aesthetically blends to the car superbly.The installation, the wring, welding and fitting is so well concealed one would not know a non manufacturer’s installation had taken place. It is in fact superb and the amount of interest that has been generated is just phenomenal.Now to the actual towing experience, what experience we did not even know the car was on the hitch it towed like a dream. All we could see was the car following in the rear view camera; in fact I am certain that we have a less bumpy and a smoother ride.Assembly and dis-assembly is a breeze. The quality of the product is superb, the construction, design and application is 100%

    May I thank you and the team at AMC for giving us total satisfaction and enjoyment that we have for many a journey.

    Yours John, Sally and Gareth (Gilbert)

John Gilbert – Bridgend

  • Hi Brian, Well another two trips accomplished with the A frame.Both experiences have been brilliant, so easy to assemble and fit and the towing experience, well I am just dumfounded how good it is.So again thanks.John Gilbert

Paul & Audrey Rees – Wales

  • Good Morning Brian, Re Unibrake system fitted to my Autotrail Chieftain & Peugot 107. It was a pleasure to meet you, Alex and John and thank you for the courtesy and professionalism extended during the fitting of my towing system.As you explained, the system worked perfectly and “does what it says on the tin” and it was an effortless drive home with the car on tow.I have no doubt in my mind that I chose the right system and I will certainly recommend unibrake to anyone I know who is contemplating fitting a towing system to their motorhome and car. Please do circulate my email to any potential new customers you have enquires from and do not hesitate to give them my contact details if they want to speak to someone who has the unibrake system before they commit to purchase it. Also, as agreed, please send me some more brochures and I will distribute them around some local people I know in the motorhome business in South Wales and I will refer any enquires back to you.Finally, we fixed the rear view camera on my motorhome before we left Alex’s yard and all it was, was a loose connection, so Audrey and I had full view of the car on tow during the journey home.RegardsPaul & Audrey

David Towns – Cambs

  • Dear Brian, It has now been 2 weeks since we had our Unibrake system fitted to our Swift Bolero and Toyota IQ. The journey home to Cambridgeshire was so easy, the system worked better than I anticipated and as you said, I wouldn’t feel the car behind and truly I didn’t. We have just returned from a short break over the Bank Holiday with the car in tow and again the Unibrake system worked perfectly and it has prompted me to drop you a note and express how happy I am with the set-up.Firstly, I would like to say a big thanks to the Alex and his team for a faultless installation service, the care taken by them and their willingness to answer my questions and explain the fitment in detail was very much appreciated. The final job was excellent and the handover demonstration simple and easy to understand. Prior to choosing Unibrake I did much research into the alternative systems and have no regret in choosing Unibrake. I would recommend the service received and the workmanship to any potential purchaser.King regardsDavid Towns

Phil Chamberlain – Bridgend

  • Hi Brian, We’ve finally got back home after an extended break away following the fitting of your A frame to our car and have now covered about 600 miles with the car on the back.Just to let you know that the system has behaved faultlessly. Having towed many things over the years I’ve got to say that this has to be the smoothest ride ever. The usual tug and nudge that you get with overrun braking systems just doesn’t happen to the anything like the same extent with your electronic system, which makes the whole experience much smoother. Obviously the extra weight of the car affects acceleration but other than that you barely know the car is there.We’ve mastered the hitching up procedure and can be hooked up and ready to go in just over 5 minutes now. Unhitching is even quicker!Thanks again to you and the installation team for such a professional service.Kind regards,Phil Chamberlain.

Trevor North – Northants

  • Hello Brian, It has been a while since you fitted your Unibrake A frame system to my Nissan Pixo and motorhome. I thought I would now write to you to let you know how things are going.I have now towed the Pixo for 800 miles approx with your A frame and it is just as others have said, that you do not know the car is behind the motorhome as it behaves impeccably, I have also found that the MPG on the motorhome is the same with or without the car so this is a saving to me. I do not feel any pull back from the car when braking. Now we have attached the car a few times we are taking 5 minutes to attach the Pixo on the back of the motorhome it is so easy I can’t believe it.Could you please thank David again for the very neat job he has done, apart from the front electrical socket (which you need to see) you cannot see a thing.Once again thank you for a very professional job and how the whole process was handled by yourself and your team. I would not hesitate to recommend you.Thanking you once again,Trevor North

Harry Clarke – Dewsbury

  • Brian, Thank you for an excellent job your staff did fitting the Unibrake A Frame and the courtesy shown to me on my visit to your Workshops, your guys certainly know what they are doingAs you are well aware 1 towed my Toyota IQ all the way from Brighton to Wakefield in West Yorkshire on the back of my Motorhome and the Unibrake system performed perfectly, in fact it was as though I did not have a car behind me.Also the whole A Frame is so light as against your competitors systems, and this means a lot especially to the older Motorhomers.I congratulate you on a unique piece of kit, please send me some brochures and I will hand them around on my travels, it’s a pity I did not have one on me I would have liked to put your name forward at Brownhills Motorhomes this coming Monday.Finally I wish you all the success in the world you and your team deserve it.Kindest regardsHarry Clarke

Tony Smart – Kents

  • Dear Brian, I would like to thank you for the installation of our unibrake towing system.Alex and Andy did a very neat job on the motorhome and our car and took pride in their work and both were very helpful.We towed the car back home from Alex’s workshop at Hailsham following a demonstration by Alex. Our route home was via Battle, Broad Oak and Rye, which is a very bumpy and twisty road. The van and the car ran so smoothly together you wouldn’t realise that you were towing a car.Once home, it took us just a couple of minutes to unhitch the car from the motorhome.The performance and fuel consumption were uneffected by towing the car.I would recommend this system to anyone.We are shortly off to North Yorkshire in the motorhome and towing the car.


    Tony Smart

Roland & Sue Perry – Bedford

  • Hi Brian, this response is well over due, but as we have spoken on the phone several times you know how I feel about you and your small and merry band of men.As for the braking system well I do believe it is the best on the market. The car towed behind the motor home as if it were on rails and the progressive braking was superb, with a little adjustment on the control box it is now setup brilliantly and as you know I have been an engineer and a truck driver all my working life and understand how this system works. With my LGV 1 drivers hat on it was marvellous to experience all eight wheels braking progressively together, motorhome and car, giving me more feel and therefore more response and judgement to road conditions and situations. Without doubt more control.Please pass my thanks on to Andrew for his first class workmanship on converting the car and Alex for coming out to the motorhome and doing an excellent job on fitting his bit of the system. Of course many thanks to you Brian for organising the whole conversion and for caring about my health problems, making the whole job as easy as possible for Sue and myself.Many ThanksGood Health and good wishes to you and NormaRegardsRoland & Sue Perry

David Gordon – Cumbria

  • Hi Brian, I thought you may like to know that my journey to North Devon was event-free.The tow system performed perfectly. I had to remind myself that I had a car on my tail, it was that good. I am extemely pleased with myself (smug!) for discovering your system. Thanks for all your efforts in making it happen (I believe you went out of your way to assist, which is much appreciated). I will deffinately promote the product (in fact I have had two enquiries at the motorway services we stopped at and I freely gave away your brochures along with glowing reports of superiority over other systems).Best regards,David

Maurice – Devon

  • Dear Brian, Just to let you know we made it to Linclonshire and back without a hitch, the Panda followed brilliantly. As everyone says, didn’t know it was there.Best regardsMaurice.